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We provide technological solutions that promote education in more than 13 countries in the Americas, being trusted business partners for public and private institutions.

Our presence in LATAM

The origin of IGNITE Online dates back 20 years, when e-Technologies Solutions, Corp. focused on distributing information content to the Americas and the Caribbean region.

In 2018, the company began a path of reinvention in which our new identity as IGNITE Online was conceived.

IGNITE Online seeks to provide solutions that connect, provoke and transform education and research institutions interested in creating and improving the knowledge society, through integrated library management systems, digital library, institutional repository, metrics and security for information units, learning management system, student management system, virtual learning labs, research tools, apps and more.

We offer comprehensive support from an expert multidisciplinary team throughout the implementation and appropriation process, using an SLA with a relentless focus on high-quality service to achieve total satisfaction with the solution.


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